About Maria’s Biscotti
Rolled and cut by hand for a truly authentic taste and appearance, Maria's Biscotti are lovingly prepared in small batches with absolutely no preservatives or artificial additives. We use only the finest ingredients available, beginning with unbleached/unbromated flour, farm fresh eggs, creamy butter, pure cane sugar, organic flavors and lots of chunky fruits and nuts too. Maria takes extra care in individually wrapping each biscotti in a clear plastic sealed bag and packages each gift box with cheerful gift tissue for extra cushion inside. The biscottini are also hand packed in groups of 4 or 5, depending on the slicing. Because Maria's Biscotti are hand cut, the sizes will naturally vary. Every gourmet gift basket and gift box is hand packed so your order arrives intact and fresh. The biscotti are sliced a hefty  6" long for that hearty snack. The biscottini are delicately sliced approx. 3" long.

About Maria’s Gourmet Edibles
"When you have an abundance of flour pallets around and you're a artisan by trade, you can't help but be more creative." With a successful biscotti baking company already underway, Maria and her husband Andrew, decided to re-develop a family recipe of homemade breads filled with cheeses and other ingredients. Maria was already overloading her biscotti with fillings so this seemed like a good addition.  "After a successful launch at local Farmers Markets, we knew it had to be shared with others! They're just perfectly suited for our busy lifestyles! Very easy and convenient... but most of all delicious!"

Always connecting daily living to wonderful memories, Maria recalls making pasta with her children on rainy Saturdays. "The kitchen was always a mess but we laughed and made the time go by just long enough to hunger for our pasta creations." Since then, she and her family have developed recipes extensively, and if you are a pasta connoisseur, you will understand just how Maria has mastered her handmade selections of pastas.

All we can say about Maria's Cannoli Biscotti Pie is... pure decadence! A remarkable creation that will be remembered long after it is served.

What will she share next?

About your choices
Every day something is celebrated at Maria's Biscotti. Our goal is to help make your occasion extra special. Maria's Biscotti are custom baked for you because you decide how to fill your orders. With all the varieties we offer, we can appreciate your decision should be personal. 

Contact Maria about catering your next event or wholesale pricing under the "Contact Us" link.

About Maria
After some formal training in Vermont and countless hours of watching her mother bake and cook, Maria's Biscotti & Gourmet Edibles was born out of a clear understanding that love and passion, are keys to doing anything well in your lifetime. These ingredients are in every product she creates and offers. It’s her gift to family, friends and neighbors. Now it's her gift to you.

Today, we often hear "that's how my Mother used to make these" or "no one puts this many nuts and fruit in them any more". Whether it's dessert, breads, pastas or something new on the horizon, Maria is committed to giving you incredibly delicious experiences. She will not compromise.

Our desire to "pass it forward"
A portion of all proceeds is donated to local breast cancer charities serving our community. While Maria has been privileged as many of us are to have the support of family and friends in challenging times, she and her staff are mindful of those who do not. So while you are enjoying your favorite selection, know that you are passing along some goodness too.