Biscotti Reviews

"Last November I ordered various flavors of Maria's Biscotti’s for my wedding celebration.  My wife and I planned our wedding within just a few weeks of the date.  It was to be an intimate affair with 40 of our closest friends and family. I called Maria explaining my situation and in a short time she had delivered the biscotti to our wedding hall. Not only were the biscotti placed in their own individual wrappers, but both of our names and our wedding date were inscribed on a purple ribbon surrounding each one.  I know our guests enjoyed them - virtually none were left - and I saw my new brother-in-law gathering up the few strays. Thanks Maria!
- Carmen, PA

"The P-Nut Butter & Chocolate biscotti is one of my favorites.  The combination of chocolate cookie, peanut butter chunks sprinkled with salt on the top almost reminds me of eating a chocolate covered pretzel!  I love the combination of chocolate and salt.  Just heavenly!"
- Georgia, NJ

"I first had one of Maria's biscotti several years ago at work. One of our coworkers was retiring and we all had brought in some homemade goodies for a large buffet. I tried one of Maria's chocolate dipped biscotti for desert and loved it so much that I said to her that she ought to go into business and sell them. I know I wasn’t the only one who raved about them that day. And since she really loves making them - she actually did start a business. Maria's  Biscotti are the very best I’ve ever had!!!"
- Sue, NY

"Maria's Biscotti's are so wonderful and delicious, I have gotten them for my mom as a gift and every time she smiles with delight. Maria had a sample biscotti party and I couldn’t make up my mind, they were all great! There are so many different flavors to pick from. Dipped in chocolate or not dipped that is the question! The packaging is simple and elegant, very professional. You can see that a lot of love has been put into it."
- Maria, NJ

"My whole family loves Maria's Biscotti, especially my mother. This is indeed a compliment as Mom is 80 years old and still makes everything fresh herself!"
- Mirella, NJ

"All Biscotti are not created equal. After ordering a few pounds to have available throughout the holidays I found myself with some leftover. I queried Maria on how to store them to maintain freshness. Never even got close to storing them as my 15 year old son discovered them and proceeded to eat what had remained. Now I am required to have a stash available at all times for my family. Maria’s Biscotti are, by far, superior to all biscotti out there." 
-Fran, NJ

Bread Reviews

"Enjoyed a great stuffed bread (Palermo) ...chicken, mozzarella, broccoli rabe ... really yummy.. cant wait to (bake the Athens) ...the fig goat cheese and caramelized onions!!! goe" -Mary Beth, NJ

"Just had the Memphis stuffed bread for dinner and it was excellent!" -Lydia, NJ

"The Philadelphia and The Memphis were so tasty. Everybody loved them!" -Robin, NJ

"Bringing a warm loaf of stuffed bread to a pot luck always results in oohs and ahhhs. It disappears so quickly! Yum!"  -Christy, NJ